Create A Written Report That Will Review The Applications Of Business Intelligence A 3081548

ITECH7406- Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing
Research Report Group Assignment Sem1-2019
For this assignment, the students will work in team and create a written report that will
review the applications of business intelligence analytics and Data Mining in different
industry domains in decision making contexts.
The purpose of this assessment is to enable students to understand how business
intelligence analytics and Data Mining techniques revolutionize businesses today.
Timelines and Expectations
Percentage Value of Team Report: 15%
Percentage Value of Team Presentation: 10%
Group Presentation Due Date – Week 08 –Timetabled Tutorial
Group Report Due Date – Week 09 (Sun, May 19, 2019 – 17:00)
Assignment Details
Business analytics and Data Mining techniques can help organizations make sense of — and
gain a competitive advantage from — all the data that they have in their systems. Business
analytics includes “decision management, content analytics, planning and forecasting,
discovery and exploration, business intelligence, predictive analytics, data and content
management, stream computing, data warehousing, information integration and
governance” (IBM, 2013, p. 4).
There are different types of business intelligence analytics that an organization can take
advantage of, including predictive analytics, text analytics and text mining, sentiment
analysis, customer analytics and business intelligence data mining. Data Mining is the
process of analyzing large data-sets to identify trends and patterns in the data. The data
can be generated through different sources such as social media, websites, transactions,
mobile devices, sensors, etc. The information extracted from this data helps organizations
to derive their real business value and generate new business opportunities.
In the light of above information write a 3000 words research report on specific business
analytics and Data Mining techniques applications that derive business value and generate
new business opportunities in any of the following three (3) industry verticals. Illustrate the
impact of these techniques on businesses with examples of application from the chosen
Choose only any THREE (3) domains from the following list:
1. Transportation industry – in this domain the business analytics help stakeholders
in making effective decision in Traffic control, route planning, intelligent transport
systems and congestion management (by predicting traffic conditions). Also, could
be useful for route planning to save on fuel and time, for travel arrangements in
tourism etc. revenue management, technological enhancements, logistics and for
competitive advantage (by consolidating shipments and optimizing freight
movement), etc.
2. Banking industry – Data mining techniques can be used to detect financial fraud,
including credit card fraud, corporate fraud and money laundering.
3. Health Care industry – Health care applications include discovery of patterns in
radiological images, analysis of microarray (gene-chip) experimental data to
cluster genes. Moreover, chronic disease states and high-risk patients can be
4. Manufacturing industry – Large volumes of data from the manufacturing industry
are untapped. The underutilization of this information prevents improved quality of
products, energy efficiency, reliability, and better profit margins. Business
analytics can be used in solving today’s manufacturing challenges and to gain
competitive advantage among other benefits.
5. Education industry – Major challenge in the education industry is to incorporate
big data from different sources and vendors and to utilize it. Business analyticscan
be used to measure teacher’s effectiveness, overall progress of a student over time
and effectiveness of curriculum, etc.
6. Customer Relationship Management – Data mining and analytics provides
efficient tools to analyze customer data for the purpose of decision-making.
Moreover, data mining aids analysis of buying patterns, determination of marketing
strategies, segmentation of customers, stores or products.
In this assignment, you will be required to form teams of approximately three (3) people.
The findings of your research study will be presented through:
• A group research report
• Interactive presentation.
The report
The report will take the form of a well-researched academic report of approximately 3000
words. Diagrams or tables are encouraged to be used to support your statements. The
report should be well supported with appropriate references from reliable sources. You
should include academic journals, books, theses, trade magazines and well-respected
sources of related Internet materials that you find relevant. Please note – Wikipedia is NOT
considered a reliable source to quote in an academic document of this type, without
backup from other well reputed sources.
Your report should present as a collective effort, not a series of submissions by various
team members. It is expected to FLOW as one document. Each team member’s
contribution should be clearly identified in the report, with a notation about which section
he/she wrote about. Table of contents, reference list and contribution statements do not
count towards the final words count. All reports must use the APA referencing style