E E Mail 6 16 Direct Claim

E E- MAIL 6.16 Direct Claim: Duplicate Delivery of Fourth of July Beads Barbara DiDonato, owner of Great Stuff Gifts & Cards in Norfolk, Virginia, bought 3,000 multicolored ( red, white, and blue) beads from Gift Shoppe in time for the huge Independence Day parade in town. The $ 600 shipment arrived by UPS two months before the holiday, and she had no problems selling all her beads in this patriotic town. Much to her surprise, Barbara received another shipment of 3,000 beads from Gift Shoppe some 40 days after the Fourth of July holiday along with a new charge of $ 600 to her business credit account. She called Gift Shoppe and sent the package back by UPS, tracking number U3529803873838583833. She asked the customer- service representatives to issue a refund, but even after repeated phone calls, Gift Shoppe insisted that the returned package had not been received and a credit could not be issued. Unnerved, Barbara followed up with UPS and was stunned when the otherwise highly reliable shipper admitted that the package had apparently been lost in transit and was not to be found in the system. The last record was a pickup at Great Stuff. UPS suggested that Gift Shoppe make a claim for a refund because the shipment of beads was insured and it was clear that the package had left the Great Stuff premises. Your Task. Write a courteous e- mail to Gift Shoppe at info@ giftshoppe. com requesting $ 600 to be refunded to the company account. Clearly detail what happened to the return shipment by UPS.