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A SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) is a strategic planning method used by businesses to evaluate projects, ventures, and products or services. The environmental analysis aids decision making by looking at multiple areas. It can trigger balanced discussions of ventures. A SWOT diagram represents a snapshot in time, while the environment is continually changing.


  • Strengths: an Internal attribute that helps to achieve goals.
  • Weaknesses: an Internal attribute that holds back the achievement of goals.
  • Opportunities: an External environmental condition that supports goals.
  • Threats: an External environmental condition that opposes or hinders performance.

Note: Resources on SWOT analysis can be found in this week’s readings, as well as in the Toolbox.

Assignment Instructions:

  1. Identify a publicly traded organization as the foundation of the SWOT analysis that you will conduct. What industry is your company in?
  2. Find and list 3 different competitors as that may help you to better comprehend where your company ranks in its product category (marketplace).
  3. Using the Business SWOT chart template as a guide, create your own SWOT chart and identify at least 2 different attributes for each of the 4 sections (your chart does not have to look exactly like the example, but should include all the sections).
  4. Build justifications on why each of these 8 attributes were selected. Provide meaningful content as part of your defense.
    • Which one of the key competitors that you identified earlier should your company be most concerned about? Why?
  5. Upon the conclusion of your research and analysis, write a brief summary of what you found to be the most surprising findings of your report.
  6. Submit only 1 document. In MS Word, respond to the above assignment questions. Please include your own SWOT chart in this document.
  7. Please include APA source citations within the body of your writing, as well as a References list at the end of the paper.