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You will write a concise business report( to demonstrate your understanding of the Lean Six Sigma approach used in service or manufacturing industries (Task A) and evaluate/analyse the winemaker case application (Task B).

Task A: Lean Six Sigma Approach used in Industry (

Lean intends to minimise waste, increases speed, maximise value; Six Sigma helps the organisation to measure, analyse, reduce and control defects. An integrated approach can help the firm to reap the benefits of process excellence faster. The present body of knowledge reports both success and failures of such integrated philosophy. The success primarily on the macro-environment (including social, political and environmental dimensions) and micro-environment (including leadership, skill, culture) of the firm. This task will develop your skills and the application of Lean and/or Six Sigma approaches and theories in a real world context or firm (manufacturing or service industries) in which you are regularly involved. Specifically, you are expected to select and answer one of the following topics of interest(choose one):-

Q1: How can firms align, adapt and deploy Lean/Six Sigma Strategies to effectively response and support the current environmental challenges without jeopardising their business success?

Q2: How can Lean Six Sigma aid firms to balance the need for operational excellence and profits gains with that of environmental compliance?

Q3: Discuss the challenges of Lean Six Sigma application to support the shift towards greener operations and supply chains.

Q4: Discuss the management of Lean Six Sigma with environmental oriented focus on specific sectors (e.g. manufacturing, construction, healthcare, etc.)

i just need part A, i will do part B by self