1 1 Prepare For Given Work According To Relevant Legislation Workhealth And Safety W 3617112

1.1 Prepare for given work according to relevant legislation, workhealth and safety (WHS) regulations, codes and standards1.2 Arrange site access according to required procedure1.3 Review existing network design documentation to ensure it iscurrent and complete1.4 Select components and network elements required to be installedto meet the technical requirements1.5 Contact vendors and service suppliers to obtain specifications andavailability of identified components1.6 Develop plans, with prioritised tasks and contingencyarrangements, for installation of components with minimum disruptionto client1.7 Liaise with appropriate person to obtain approval for the plans,including security clearance and timing Document Preview:

ASSESSMENT TASKS TC ” ASSESSMENT ” ICTTEN416 Install, configure and test an internet protocol network Assessment Summary Read all the instructions below before attempting the assessment task. Assessment tasks are tools used to determine if you have the knowledge and skills to complete tasks to industry standards within the workplace. Your trainer/assessor will help you throughout this task and it is your responsibility to provide enough evidence to justify a competent decision by the trainer/assessor. If you do not understand the questions or what is required, ask your trainer/assessor for assistance. For group assessments, all students are to contribute to the assessment tasks. You are allowed to work in groups up to a maximum of four people. You are to complete all tasks by the due date and assessments must have a coversheet attached. If you think you do not have enough time to complete the tasks by the due date, discuss with the trainer/assessor the reasons of why you cannot submit on time. Writing your responses When answering questions, ensure that your answers are detailed enough to so the assessor can draw a conclusion that you have the knowledge and/or skills to demonstrate competency. Handwritten answers must be written in blue or black pen. When producing reports, ensure that your project has a title page, table of contents, page numbers, reference list, ensuring that your answers thoroughly match the questions asked. Answer all questions in your own words to avoid plagiarism. Plagiarism is copying someone else’s work or ideas and saying that it your own work. Sources of work must be properly referenced, outlining the source of your ideas. Penalties may include having to resubmit the assessment task again, repeating the Unit of competency, or for repeat plagiarism, expulsion from Abbey Business College. Marking of Assessments On submission of your assessment will be marked for a result of either Satisfactory (S) or Not Yet Satisfactory (NYS)….