The first half (2-3 pages) requires you to reflect on your experience with toxic leadership. Which of the six typologies of toxic leadership did this leader represent? What were the behaviors this toxic leader use? What were the environments the toxic leader created? How did you cope with the toxic leader? What was the end outcome?

The second half (2-3 pages) requires you to reflect on a time when you were a toxic leader.

What were you doing? What were the typologies you exhibited?

Were you aware of your toxic leadership at the time?

How did you find out you were toxic? What did you do when you became aware of your toxicity?

How did it effect your team?

Did anyone support your toxic style?

References to course material using APA REQUIRED


Shortly after being named as CEO in 2016, the Publix Board of Directors authorized Todd Jones to move forward with opening ten new stores in the highly competitive Richmond, Virginia market. The company’s expansions out of its home market of Florida have paid off handsomely so far, with Publix now a close number 3 in market share in Georgia and gaining on its competition in Tennessee. Stressing service and a unique store experience, Jones believed Publix would remind Richmond shoppers of the now-shuttered, service-oriented Ukrop’s Super Markets and allow the company to quickly gain market share at the expense of its grocery nemeses, Walmart and Kroger. However, Richmond also marked the first time Publix would face Wegmans, a grocer with a similar background and focus on service, as well as a new European arrival, Lidl. Would the expansion work?

Your report and overview should address the following key strategic issues:

•    Assess Publix’s business-level strategy. Has the company’s business-level strategy been successful?
•    How does Publix’s strategy stand up against competitive rivalry in the industry?
•    Review the important elements of Publix’s external and internal environments.  Analyze key factors in the SWOT analysis.
•    Weigh the challenges confronting Publix. What are the greatest risks for Publix? What recommendations can be made to support Publix’s growth and profitability objectives?

3 page minimum

Business Finance – Operations Management OPMT 620: Operations Management – Case Study McDonalds Assignment

Case Study McDonalds Assignment


Please follow the instructions provided in the attached PDF document.

AI (ChatGPT) must not be used to create your report, or parts of it!

1)  Introduce the company of your choice.

2) What similariJes does this company have with McDonald’s, what is unique or sets them
apart from McDonald’s?

3)  What is the unique selling proposiJon or compeJJve advantage of your selected
company? How is it presented and maintained?

4)  Field invesJgaJon: Visit at least one restaurant of McDonald’s and one of your selected
company. InvesJgate their operaJons and report your observaJons in regards of:
a. Layout of the restaurant and how it serves the purpose of the operaJonal goals; b. Customer wait Jmes, number/type of staff, variaJons throughout the day;
c. Service performance and observed customer saJsfacJon;
d. Stocked items & cleanliness;
e. ProducJvity, JIT, and how it is achieved;
f. Quality tools, such as Lean or TQM; how are they uJlized?
g. Summarize the overall operaJonal processes observed.

5)  Analyze if and to what extend the value proposiJon and compeJJve prioriJes were met in reality. Assess the operaJons strategy of McDonald’s and the company of your choice in the compeJJve environment. What challenges do they face, what opportuniJes do you see for their future development of operaJon strategies?


Structure your report according to the the reader can easily follow your logic with about 2,500-3,000 words of text, you apply the APA formaUng.

1. Attached is the McDonalds Case Study. pdf

2. Screenshots of rubrics for score acceptance
3. PPT study material for reference (Be thorough and relatable to work in class)

Toxic Leadership

This summative assessment is the start of inputting information into the Strategic Marketing Plan Template. You will complete portions of this template in Weeks 2, 4, and 6, and prepare for sections of it throughout this course.
The first part of developing a strategic marketing plan is analyzing the forces that affect the business’s marketing efforts.
Access the Strategic Marketing Plan Template and complete Wk 2 – Part A: Environmental Analysis and SWOT Analysis in it. You will complete the rest of this document later in this course

Classical Psychoanalysis: Carl Jung

1. What is the basic purpose/goal of life? 2. What are the basic parts/elements of the personality that carry out the goal? 3. What happens when these basic elements encounter the demands of others  (developmental statements)? 4. Finally, how does the theory account for individual differences in personality?

Classical Psychoanalysis: Carl Rogers

1. What is the basic purpose/goal of life? 2. What are the basic parts/elements of the personality that carry out the goal? 3. What happens when these basic elements encounter the demands of others  (developmental statements)? 4. Finally, how does the theory account for individual differences in personality?

educational, intelligence, career, and personality psychological assessments

  • Evaluate educational, intelligence, career, and personality psychological assessments by answering the following questions:
  • How do you define intelligence? Can it be measured? Explain your answer. If you believe intelligence cannot be measured, what would you say about the tests that are published to accomplish this purpose?
  • What are the similarities and differences between achievement and intelligence? How are the two assessed? Which assessment method do you prefer? Why?
  • In most cases, intelligence and achievement tests are used to diagnose learning disabilities and determine the need for accommodation in an academic or employment setting. If psychological tests were not used, how might one determine if someone requires accommodation? How would we answer this referral question without psychological tests?

Analysis Of The Deflategate Scandal- New England Patriots

In at least three brief paragraphs (30 to 50 words each) describe:

1 — How you think the organization was effective or not, and why.

2 — How did the organization’s past reputation influence the public’s perception of the situation, and how it was punished by the league.

3 — How did the personalities of the team’s star, coach and owner impact news and social media coverage of the crisis.

References to crisis communication research/theories from the textbooks are also suggested.

Human Resource Management Writing Assignment

Evaluate legal and regulatory issues and risk management in the human services profession.

In the human services field, it is important to recognize situations that carry risks for both the client and the professional. Once identified, risk management techniques can be utilized to protect the client and the professional.

In this assignment, you will apply and evaluate the risk management techniques you have learned in a real-life scenario while evaluating legal and regulatory issues.

Assignment Scenario

Mr. Ashford is a caseworker at the county Human Services Department. One of his clients, Mr. Lainez, is a young man who presents with many issues. He has been in foster care and is about to age out of the program to live on his own. Mr. Ashford will be assisting him with this transition.

To connect with his young client, Mr. Ashford accepts Mr. Lainez’s invitation of friendship on social media. In addition, he provides his agency email address to Mr. Lainez when he asks if there is not another way to make an appointment rather than making a telephone call and going through a receptionist.

Shortly after that, Mr. Lainez experiences several disappointing events. He loses his job, and the young woman he is dating tells him she is no longer interested in seeing him. Additionally, he is struggling to make ends meet and becomes unable to pay the rent on his first apartment.

At his wits’ end, he makes a vague suicidal threat on Facebook and sends a desperate request to Mr. Ashford to set up an appointment as soon as possible. Out on calls, Mr. Ashford does not check his email or his Facebook account for several days, missing Mr. Lainez’s cues. His young client is found dead of an overdose of medication he has been prescribed by the department psychiatrist.

Assignment Directions

Use the readings, the internet, and the Purdue Global Library to research the implications of this case study under current law and practice expectations.

Please be sure to address all of the following in your assignment:

  • Introduce the case study and list each of the problematic decisions Mr. Ashford made in this scenario, analyzing each in terms of its effect on the outcome.
  • Identify and explain other choices he could or should have made.
  • Evaluate the legal and regulatory implications of this case study you learned from your research.
  • Apply and evaluate the risk management techniques you have learned to this case over the past two units.
  • Would they likely have led to a different outcome for Mr. Lainez? For Mr. Ashford? Why or why not?

Module 09 Mini Case Studies – DIC Bleeding, Hemophilia, and Sickle Cell Anemia

Module 09 Mini Case Studies – DIC Bleeding, Hemophilia, and Sickle Cell Anemia



Recognize common blood disorders and apply appropriate nursing interventions within the scope of practice of the LPN.



Describe nursing care interventions for clients with hematological disorders.



Read the following Scenarios and answer the questions that follow. Make sure you cite any sources using APA format.


Scenario # 1

You are sent to the medical ICU to help out because there were several sick calls. You are instructed by the charge nurse to take vital signs on all of the clients in the 12-bed unit. You are just completing your rounds when a call bell goes off in room three. The client in room three is recovering from septic shock but has been stable for the past 48 hours. The client is awake and requesting ice chips. As you lean over to grab his pitcher, you notice blood oozing from two IV sites on his left arm. The Foley catheter has tea-colored urine, and the client’s central line in his chest has blood oozing from the site.

Question # 1: What in the data collection should be reported to the RN immediately? Why? (5-10 sentences)


Question # 2: What items in the client’s history are risk factors for DIC? (2-3 sentences)



Scenario # 2

You are working in the genetics clinic of a large medical center. Your first client of the day has a history of hemophilia A (factor VIII deficiency). The client came to the clinic for evaluation of right knee pain. He denies any history of trauma and states the pain began last night, worsening ever since. His pain is a 7/10.


Question # 3: Should the nurse be concerned about the client’s knee pain? Why or why not? (5-10 sentences)


Question # 4: Why are the vast majority of clients with hemophilia male? (5-10 sentences)



Scenario # 3

You are working in a small community emergency room when you receive a client complaining of severe pain (10/10) to her arms and chest. The pain began one hour ago. The client is known to have sickle cell disease.


Question # 5: What is the priority nursing intervention for this client? Explain your answer. (3-5 sentences)




  • Standard American English (correct grammar, punctuation, etc.)


  • Professional organization, style, and mechanics in APA format


  • APA format and in-text citation



  •   References – must contain professional references, published within the past 5 years