1 In Straight Rebuy Buying Mode Business Buyer Makes The A Fewest Decision B Most Of 2846925

1.In straight rebuy buying mode, business buyer makes the A. fewest decision B.most of the decision C.new decisions D.modified purchases 2. Expenditures that are tailored to particular value chain and organization are classified as A. vertical investments B.horizontal investments C.specific investments D.contractual investments 3. Business buyers seek benefits in economic, social and technical terms and in total classified as A. highest benefit package B.lowest benefit package C.medium benefit package D.initiating benefit package 4. Stronger buyer and seller ties are facilitated in A. vertical coordination B.horizontal coordination C.contract coordination D.selling coordination 5. Industrial strategy to build large scale industries by bidding process is classified as A. systems buying B.management supplies C.systems contracting D.system selling