1 Kind Of Qualities That Buyers Used To Evaluate Before Purchasing Product Are Class 2847172

1.Kind of qualities that buyers used to evaluate before purchasing product are classified as A.search qualities B.credence qualities C.experience qualities D.minor qualities 2. Services such as repair and installation services are classified as A.empathy services B.value-augmenting services C.facilitating services D.assurance services 3. According to service quality model, ability to provide service accurately and dependably is classified as A.empathy B.reliability C.responsiveness D.assurance 4. Marketing which describes skills to serve clients is classified as A.interactive marketing B.internal marketing C.external marketing D.descriptive marketing 5. Purchase cost of product is included into cost of maintenance and is subtracted from discounted salvage value to calculate A.purchase cycle cost B.cost of responsiveness C.life cycle cost D.assurance cost