1 Mattela 1s Global Sourcing In China Like All Other Toy Manufacturers Was Based On 1205498

1.MattelA????1s global sourcing in China, like all other toymanufacturers, was based on both low-cost labor, and a growingcritical mass of factories competitively vying for contractmanufacturing business. Do you think the product recalls andproduct quality problems are separate from or part of pursuing alow-cost country strategy?

2.Whether it is lead paint on toys or defective sliding slideson baby cribs, whose responsibility do you think it is to assuresafety A????1 the company, like Mattel, or the country, in this caseChina?

3.Many international trade and development experts argue thatChina is just now discovering the difference between being a majoreconomic player in global business and its previous peripheral roleas a low-cost manufacturing site on the periphery of the worldeconomy. What do you think?