1 Mcq Applications Such As Robotics Expert Systems Pattern Recolonization Artificial 2847197

1.MCQ: Applications such as robotics, expert systems, pattern recolonization, artificial neutral networks etc are A.engineering software B.artificial Intelligence software C.system software D.product line software 2. Collection of patterns that define a set of activities, actions, work tasks, work products and related behaviors required to develop computer software is called A.process cell B.process pattern C.cell pattern D.bit pattern 3. Capability level in which all level 2 criteria have been achieved, process is tailored from organization’s set of standard processes according to organization’s tailoring guidelines and contributed work products ,measures and other process improvement information to organizational process assets in A.Level0:incomplete B.Level1:Performed C.Level2:Managed D.Level3:Defined 4. Phase of UP encompasses customer communication and modeling activities is A.inception B.construction C.elaboration D.transition 5. In PSP, by using measures and metrics collected, effectiveness and modification of process is determined by A.development B.postmortem C.planning D.high level design