1 Pricing Technique Which Transfer From Off Peak Periods To Peak Periods Is Classifi 2847175

1.Pricing technique which transfer from off-peak periods to peak periods is classified as A.complementary pricing B.differential pricing C.reservation pricing D.non-peak pricing 2.Considering categories of services mix, tangible goods such as computers and automobile cars are classified as A.tangible goods with accompanying services B.pure tangible goods C.pure services D.major service with minor goods 3. Services provide by companies that are beyond performance and functioning of product are classified as A.empathy services B.value-augmenting services C.facilitating services D.assurance services 4. Banks, hotels, airlines, law firms and insurance companies are example of services of A.government sector B.private non-profit sector C.manufacturing sector D.business sector 5. Determinants of service quality in service-quality model includes A.reliability and empathy B.responsiveness C.assurance and tangibles D.all of the above