1 Problem Solving Task 1 Remote Desktop 8 Marks What Do You Need For This Task 3629331

This is a Group-of-Three assignment. While group-of-two is also acceptable, an individual attempt needs to be well justified and approved in advance by the unit coordinator. This assignment is worth 25 marks. The assignment requires your research and practice. The objective of the assignment is to solve network problem tasks by using your knowledge and experience acquired from your research as well as the first six weeks of IFN507 lectures, tutorials and practicals. The outcome of the assignment is a report on your solutions to the given tasks. Submit an assignment report of no more than 30 A4 pages through the Blackboard. With a cover page and a table of contents, the report should be in pdf format. The assignment is due: 11:59pm Sunday 8 September 2019 (Week 7). 1. Problem Solving Task 1: Remote Desktop (8 Marks) What do you need for this task? Two computers remotely interconnected over computers. What to do? Sub-Task 1). Set up Remote Desktop Connection between the two computers; Sub-Task 2). Design some scenarios for remote desktop operation; and Sub-Task 3). Operate the remote computer from the local computer for the designed scenarios. For sub-task 1), there are different scenarios depending on what operating systems you use on the two computers. Possible operating systems are Windows 7, Windows 10, Linux (e.g., Ubuntu), and Mac OS. Identify the operating system/s used on the two computers, and find the way for Remote Desktop Connection. ? In Windows 7, there is a “Remote Desktop Assistance” graphic interface”, and also a “Remote Desktop Connection” program. Find out how to use them. ? In Windows 10, there is a “Quick Assist” to use for remote desktop assistance. ? In Mac computers, you may use Remote Desktop client for Mac with Windows apps, resources, and desktops from your Mac computers.