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1. (Related to Checkpoint 4.2 on page 86) (Capital structureanalysis) The liabilities and ownersAc€?c equity for CampbellIndustries is found below:

Accounts payable $ 453,000

Notes payable 248,000

Current liabilities $ 701,000

Long-term debt $1,213,000

Common equity $5,477,000

Total liabilities and equity $7,391,000

What percentage of the firmAc€?cs assets does the firm finance usingdebt (liabilities)? (round to one decimal place)

If Campbell was to purchase a new warehouse for $1.5 million andfinance it entirely with long term debt, what would be the firmAc€?csnew debt ratio?

The fraction of the firmAc€?cs assets that the firm finances usingdebt is ___% (Round to one decimal place).