1 See The Examples That Follow For An Idea Of How Formatting Should Look When Comple 2830011

1. See the Examples that follow for an idea of how formatting should look when completed, and name each worksheet accordingly. 2. Prepare the following using the straight-line and double-declining balance depreciation methods: • Depreciation schedules showing the depreciation for each year; use the Paste function. • An accumulated depreciation schedule for each method. • A book value schedule for each method. • An embedded line chart, properly formatted, showing annual depreciation for each method. • Use absolute references where appropriate. 3. Assume that sales for each of the six years are $500,000 and operating expenses, excluding depreciation, is $350,000. On a separate worksheet prepare the following schedules under each depreciation method: • A schedule showing net income each year. • A schedule showing the rate of return on book value for each year (net income divided by book value). • An embedded line chart showing the annual rate of return under each depreciation method. • Remember to add depreciation to the operating expenses when computing net income. • Use Paste Link to link related data between the two worksheets. 4. Give each worksheet an appropriate label. 5. Save as: 09 Depreciation Analysis Iron Casting, Inc-“your last name”Iron Casting, Inc. bought a power press for $360,500. The power press has an estimated residual value of