1 Telephone Operators And Receptionists Who Prevent Contacts To Deciders Are Classif 2846909

1.Telephone operators and receptionists who prevent contacts to deciders are classified as A. initiators B.influencers C. buyers D.gatekeepers 2. Supplier?s goal is to enlarge their share of purchasing over time, it is a characteristic of buying situation and called as A.supplier’s rebuy B.purpose buying C.straight rebuy D.turned rebuy 3. A company’s buying products such as chemicals or steel from specialized hubs are classified as A.Horizontal markets B.vertical markets C.auction markets D.private markets 4.All individuals and groups participants that make purchasing decision and share common goals and risks are classified as A. supplier center B. buying center C. evaluation center D. initial awareness stage 5. Traditional supply situation in which focus is on competition rather than cooperation is classified as A.customer supply B.contract supply C.cooperation supply D.bare buying