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1) Title: initially this might be regarded as a working title, and ideally should mirror closely the content of the introduction. The title is particularly important as it will get people to stop and listen. 2) Introductory part: This informs the reader of the problem or situation and the context you are interested in. The goal is to give the viewers some basic academic information they can use to evaluate the significance of the research proposal. 3) Rationale for this study. – What is the research issue? – Why is it an issue? – Why is it an issue now? – What could this research shed light on? You have to introduce the topic and clarify the significance of what you are trying to present. That is, you have to present research questions with a logical sequencing of facts. You have to give examples to illustrate your rationale. Be sure to have a conclusion that summarises your take-home message (why is it an issue now? what could this research shed light on?). Your introduction should be constructed so that it presents the desired information in a self- explanatory manner. You have to think of the introduction as a highly efficient, organised document upon which appear synopsis of the relevant information you want to convey (what is the research issue?), Just enough to get your point across. 4) Include references: You are required to identify previously conducted research in the area that you are focusing on. These sources need to be referred within your rationale section. Make it clear that you know what has been done in your area in the past and where your research will fit in. 5) Format: You have to make your introduction appealing. Simplify and include only relevant information. Be attentive to the structure and placement of your content. Write clearly. Make sure your introduction includes complete sentences and accurate spelling and punctuation. I hope it is clear now. I have attached a sample mark sheet as well so that you know how marks are allocated. Feel free to contact me for further clarifications.