1 To Create Strategy Between Demand And Supply Peak Time Efficiency Shared Services 2847173

1.To create strategy between demand and supply, peak time efficiency, shared services and increased service participation are strategies of A.descriptive side B.demand side C.supply side D.complementary side 2. Categories of services mix and intangible are classified as example of A.pure tangible goods B.pure services C.tangible goods with accompanying services D.major service with minor goods 3. Qualities of product that buyers evaluate after purchasing product is classified as A.minor qualities B.search qualities C.credence qualities D.experience qualities 4. If price of product is $150, cost of maintenance is $15 and discounted salvage value is $85, then life cycle cost of product is A.$80 B.$165 C.$15 D.$85 5. Set of services expected by customers are classified as A.interactive service package B.descriptive service package C.primary service package D.secondary service package