1 Type Of Buyer And Supplier Relationship That Are Together In Operational Ways Is C 2846911

1. Type of buyer and supplier relationship that are together in operational ways is classified as A.operational systems B.cooperative systems C.structural commitment D.structural adaptation 2.Type of exchange relationship in a specific adaptation without strong cooperation is called A.mutually contracts B.mutually adaptive C.mutual structure commitment D.commitment selling 3. In business markets, demand of business goods is more volatile than demand for consumer goods, is classified as A. fluctuating demand B.stable demand C.unstable demand D.freeze demand 4.Establishing of dams, irrigation, sanitation systems, pipelines and utilities are examples of A.sytems contracting B.system selling C.systems buying D. management supplies 5. Buying center includes all organizations who play roles as A. initiators and users B.deciders and approvers C.buyers and gatekeepers D.all of the above