1 Usage Research Data Elicitation Homework Project The Interviewers Should Ask The I 3951657

1. Usage research data elicitation homework project. The interviewers should ask the interviewees to recollect their usage of a mobile application. Focus on context, breakdowns, key tasks, ecology, and so on. Ask them to think about how that usage fits into the context of the rest of their lives. This is a case where you should ask about how they might want to use the proposed new product/system, too. Look especially for any emotional impact data and look at long-term usage, not just short snapshots of usage During the interviews, take raw data notes.
2. Build a limited WAAD (at least 2 user work roles)
-Build a limited work activity affinity diagram from the work activity notes you wrote on Post-it stick or electronic notes from question 1.
-Write the essence of the note on a Post-it or electronic note.