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1.Use the background information to create a short summary (one short paragraph) about the “You Can Fit In” business.2.Create an organisation chart for the You Can Fit In business.3.Use the information above to describe the area of the organisation under study (i.e. the business functions that will be handled by the new information system).4.Add the background information, organisation chart, and business functions to your Report document in Part A: Initial Investigation.
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ISY00243 Case Study 2018, S3 Systems Analysis and Design Southern Cross University 2018, S3 Image:https://www.theurbanlist.com/perth/a-list/readers-choice-perths-best-personal-trainer This case study is to be used throughout this Session to answer questions in set activities, which will be compiled into a report. Part A of this report, an “Initial Investigation” is to be submitted at the end of Week 6 (Friday 7th December 2018). The final report (including your Part A adjusted after marker feedback) is to be submitted end of Week 12 (Friday 8th February 2019). You should use all relevant parts of the case study to inform your answers for the report. Additional information will become available through session which you may use to “enhance” your analysis and design but you should maintain a focus on your original scoping. Any such “enhancements” should be considered to be possible extensions of original work on the analysis and design of the information system. Case Study Part 1 Introduction You Can Fit In is a company that owns and operates fitness centres in various cities in Victoria and NSW. The fitness centres have done well, and the company is planning an expansion by opening a new “supercentre” on the Gold Coast, Queensland. Some people in the company anticipate further expansion to other locations such as Brisbane, if all goes well. Background Adam Apple, CEO, heads You Can Fit In’s management team. Three managers report to him at the firm’s Melbourne headquarters: Donald Dollars, manager of finance; Sally Molly, manager of sales and marketing; and Chia Chen, manager, operations. The centre managers who run the 13 existing centres all report to Chia. Adam wants the new supercentre in Gold Coast to emphasis a wide variety of personal services and special programs for members. If the supercentre approach is successful, it will become the model for You Can Fit In’s future growth. Adam personally selected Mark Lewis, a manager with three years of fitness…