1 Which Of The Following Is Not Considered An Attest Engagement A A Compilation B A 2803308

1- Which of the following is not considered an attest engagement:

a- A compilation.

b- A review.

c- An agreed upon procedures engagement.

d- All of the above are attested agreements.

2- Which of the following would have the greatest chance of resulting in a lawsuit against the auditor?

a-Incorrect rejection of an accountbalance

b-Incorrect acceptance of an accountbalance

c-A type oneerror

d-Using variables sampling to determine the correct balance in accountspayable

3- An account balance is $300,000 and there are 25 items in the account, six of which have balances that equal or exceed $15,000. The auditor plans to use a monetary-unit sampling plan with systematic sample selection. To ensure that all accounts with balances of at least $15,000 are selected, the sampling interval should be

a- 6

b- 20

c- 12, 000

d- 15,000