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1Suppose you are a systems analyst developing a detailed test plan. Explain the testing strategiesyou will use in your plan. Will you use live orsimulated data?Situation: Victorian Creations is a growing business that specializes in the reproduction offurniture from the Victorian era. Since 2006, sales have increased steadily. The originalaccounting system was a package from Peachtree Software, which initially ran on a stand-alonePC and later on a LAN. Now, the firm is preparing to install a powerful, scalable accountingpackage that can support the company’s current and future operations. You have been asked todevelop a training plan for users.1.Who should receive training on the new software, and what topics should the trainingcover?2.What changeover strategy would you suggest for the new accounting system? Explainyour answer.3.When should a post-implementation review be scheduled? Explain your answer.