2 0 Research Objectives The Research Objectives Are Mentioned In The Following To Id 2963591

2.0 Research Objectives: The research objectives are mentioned in the following: • To identify the present benefits and challenges of third party logistics (3PL) in the global scenario • To recognize the factors influencing 3Pl at the global context • To assess the interrelationship between 3PL and IoT in a global scenario • To suggest strategic initiatives for overcoming the challenges of 3PL for developed IoT 3.0 Research rationale: The increased importance of the environmental sustainability has created the need for the innovative approach for transportation and logistics service. In such global scenario the 3PLs are known to make the substantial contribution to the transport and logistics activities. Furthermore, in recent years the numbers of trends like the internet of things have affected the logistics industry. These have also created the strategic benefits and challenges for the 3PLs. However, the global companies are facing the challenges in regards to the location and material flow from the 3Pls during managing the internet of things. The biggest issue is the coordination of the 3PL companies is the information sharing, which is hampering the IoT process. The supply chain management is not required to be able to provide the real-time data, but also it requires the integration of data by managing the IoT across the supply chain. Hence, the consideration of the benefits and challenges has become the crucial issue for 3PLs during managing the IoTs as the present research issue. Document Preview:

Order NoEHUK6244Word1000Deadline2016-03-24Allocation Date2016-03-22 23:42:34Order TypeCourseworkAcademic LevelMasterSubjectBusinessOrder DeliveryTopic Topic :: Analyzing the benefits and challenges of third party logistics approach (3PL) while managing IoT(Internet Of Things) In a global scenario. Key Words :: “IoT (Internet Of Things) for International 3PL (Third Party Logistics)” Actually it i Admin Remark Please follow the pr strictly Do follow all the reqiirements We must need the Dissertation….. Downloads HYPERLINK “http://manage.eduhelpsydney.com/writer/order-download/156e954a4b893a” Main File     Additional Requirement Literature review (I think here, which talks about Aim and Objectives) of 1000 word length. Please ,Aim to do my work on mutual area of my title ( 1&2&3 ( 1.IoT, 2.3PL and 3.International )), If not possible try to provide mutual information on 2 elements (for eg; make it possible to provide mutual information on 1&2,2&3 and 1&3) among three areas.