4 A Researcher Examines Whether The Clinically Anxious Individuals Tend To Remember 4135247

4. A researcher examines whether the clinically anxious individuals tend to remember threatening information more compared with people in general. The memory performance of an individual for negative words was measured and was found to have a score of 44. The population average is 32 with a standard deviation of 7. At the 5% level of significance what should you conclude about whether clinically anxious individuals have a tendency to remember threatening words? (a) Clearly state null and research hypotheses in terms of the mean scores on the memory performance on negative words, µ, of anxious individuals. (b) What is the comparison distribution for the sample’s Z score? (c) What is (are) the cut-off value(s) for a test with significance level 0.05? (d) What is the observed Z score?