A Consider A Non Interlaced Raster System With Resolution Of 1280 By 1024 A Refresh 794475

(a)Consider a Non-Interlaced raster system with resolution of 1280 By 1024, a refresh rate of 60 Hz, a horizontal retrace time of 5 Microseconds and a vertical retrace time of 500 µs. What is the fraction of the total refresh time per frame spent in horizontal retrace of the electron beam?(b). Rasterize the line from (-1,1) to (5,-8) using Bresenhams line drawing Algorithm.(c) Find the reflection of a triangle defined by the vertices A(1,1), B(5,1) and C(1,5) about a line y=2x+10. 21.(d) Derive transformation matrix for 3D scaling followed by rotation about fixed point 22.(e)Derive transformation matrix for rotation about a line parallel to one of the