A Current Product And Target Consumer Analysis You Need To Collect Secondary Data Na 2958672

A. Current product and target consumer analysis. You need to collect secondary data, namely review relevant literature and industry reports, in order to cover the consumer behaviour topics/ constructs listed below for your selected product. You will also find it useful to collect primary data via a questionnaire to analyse the below in more depth. 1. Product category involvement. 2. Current Positioning of the product and target market. 3. Current advertising campaign and any other key communications strategies. 4. Consumers’ attitudes towards the advertising campaign and towards the specific product. 5. Target costumers’ personality and psychographics, learning and memory issues, loyalty issues. 6. Any other relevant consumer behaviour issues. B. New marketing communications idea On the basis of the previous analyses, suggest a new marketing communication campaign. You are free to focus on a specific communication tool (e.g. advertising, viral marketing etc). Make sure that you clearly discuss the characteristics of the target market and the suggested new campaign, as well as memory, perception and attitude change issues. Justify your recommendations with the use of academic sources. REPORT A 3,000-word (excluding cover page, executive summary, references, and appendices) report needs to be prepared and submitted electronically. Font: 11 Arial/ 12 Times New Roman or equivalent, text alignment: justified, single spaced PRESENTATION A short, 10-minute presentation needs to be prepared POINTS THAT NEED YOUR ATTENTION: • Draw on a broad range of academic sources mainly on recent academic papers. You need to make extensive literature research considering the theories and constructs you will choose to use in order to analyse the selected product and target consumers. Always justify your decisions and discussion points with academic resources. •Try to avoid simple descriptions of the situation and the theory and focus on critical analysis and theory application. Critical thinking should be demonstrated throughout the report. •Use theory to justify your position. Be clear and realistic on your new product idea. • Use properly the Harvard referencing system for in-text citations. Include a reference list at the end of the report and presentation.