Abc Funeral Home Receives 375 Deaths Per Hour It Has A Utilization Of 37 5 Per Day T 3298422

ABC Funeral Home receives .375 deaths per hour. It has a utilization of 37.5% per day. The funeral home works 8 hours a day. Note 1: Do all calculations of L, Lq, W and Wq in days Using the above data: 1. Determine the service time 2. Determine (corpses at the funeral home) 3. Determine (corpses waiting to be embalmed) 4. Determine (time at the funeral home) 5. Determine (waiting time to be embalmed) 6. Determine (Probability of zero corpses) 7. Determine that more than 0 corpses are in the funeral home. 8. Determine that more than 1 corpse is in the funeral home. 9. The funeral home is located in the Dominican Republic. Calculate the total costs (for the wait) of a deceased if the (partial) costs for the wait are 400 Dominican pesos per day and the (partial) costs for waiting for the service are 20 Dominican pesos per hour. thank you 🙂