Accounting Depreciation Using Straight Line Method And Declining Method 2710487

1245 Problem
On 1/1/2004 X Corporation purchased a new machine for $102,000. The machine was placed in service immediately that year and X elected to take additional first year depreciation of $2,000. X also took the 200% declining balance method of depreciation and a 10 year life. During 2005 the machine was not used to capacity and depreciation was not claimed. The machine was back in full service in 2006 and depreciation was claimed using the straight line method for the next five years. In December of 2010 the machine was sold for $100,000.
Cost -2004 $102,000
179 Depreciation 2,000
Depreciable Basis $100,000
Depreciation – 2004 20,000
2005 -0-
2006 10,000
2007 10,000
2008 10,000
2009 10,000
2010 10,000
Adjusted Basis 30,000
Sales Price 100,000
1231 Gain $ 70,000
Question: Is this the correct amount of gain? If not, what is the correct gain or loss?
1250 Problem
Taxpayer X purchased an office building for $120,000 on 12/31/82 ($100,000 Building, $20,000 Land).
40 year life
-0- salvage value
X sold the building for $128,000 on 1/1/91.
Accelerated Depreciation was as follows:
1983 $5,000
1984-89 24,000
1990 3,000
Total $32,000
If X had used S.L. depreciation he would have had an annual deduction of $2,500 and thus accumulated depreciation of $20,000.
Question: What is X’s gain or loss and what is its character?
On January 1, 1982, T purchased buildings A and B for $600,000 each. Building A is a factory and building B is an apartment house. T elects the 15-year recovery period assigned to 1250 property and elects to write off the cost of each building pursuant to the tables prescribed by the IRS. For each building this results in a deduction of $430,000 by December 31, 1994.
(a) T sellsboth buildings on January 1, 1995 for $800,000each. What is the amount and character of his gain orloss?
(b) Suppose in (a), T had elected, pursuant to 168 (b) (3),to write off both buildings over their appropriate period (27.5 for residential and 39 years for commercial) using the straight-line method?