After Graduating You Are Approached By A Startup Company Which Wants To Compete With 2942169

After graduating, you are approached by a startup company which wants to compete
with AirBnB in the accommodation and tourism sector. This startup, AirTnT — short for
“AirBnB, tourism and technology” — intends to provide a more personalised experience
compared to AirBnB, while having lower cost than traditional hotels and travel agencies.
In the concept of the ‘gig economy’, AirTnT seeks to engage freelance tour guides and
AirTnT has customers who are identified by a unique customer id. When a customer
checks in to an AirTnT facility (i.e. house-share), AirTnT records the customer’s first and
last names, address, date of birth, current mobile number, one for identity verification^>, one , and
emergency contact number (if they are not already on the system). They also record the
date and time of check in. The system needs to maintain a record of all check ins for a
particular customer. When a customer checks out, the date and time of their departure
for this holiday is recorded.
While in AirTnT, customers are located in a house-share. The house-share is identified
by a house-share code and name. AirTnT wishes to record the total number of rooms in
each house-share and the number of currently available (empty) rooms. Rooms located
in a house-share are assigned a room number within that house – thus, for example,
each house has a room number 1. The room’s phone number (e.g. if a complimentary
VoIP phone is provided by the house’s owner) and room type are also recorded. Rooms
are classified (their room type) as either fixed or open-plan. Not all rooms are supplied
with a complimentary phone.