Analytical Essay Critical Analysis Of The Two Different Perspectives Of Australian C 2764700

Title Analytical Essay
Value 40%
Length 1,500 words
Task Description:
This assessment task requires a critical analysis of the two different perspectives of Australian Colonization (Indigenous and Western). Research the Western version of Australian colonisation and critically analyse the two different versions. Critical analysis is an existential skill to develop in academia. It is crucial to all academic writing. It involves you thinking critically about your topic and your sources. To think critically you need to remove emotion from your thinking and apply logic and reasoning (a very Western concept) while you deconstruct your source. You need to develop your argument and provide credible academic sources to substantiate that argument.

  • You are to have a minimum of 12 credible academic references.Academic references include journal articles which can be found in the library’s databases, books (found in the library), historical documents and old newspapers. Wikipedia is NOT a credible academic source and if used will incur penalties.
  • Decide what your argument is going to be and how you will go about constructing this argument. i.e. what academic evidence do you have to substantiate this argument.
  • Ensure your introduction clearly outlines your essay. That is, the introduction outlines what the question is and what your argument is and how you are going to prove this academically.
  • Make sure the body of your essay actually says the things you have stated in the introduction and does so in an academic manner.
  • Make sure you write an analysis. Academic writing is not conversational, journalistic or emotive, it is analytical. If you do not know what analytical writing is look it up.
  • Reference all your work. In an essay of this size you should not be using direct quotes.
  • Each paragraph must have a central theme. It needs an introductory sentence and the paragraph must flow. Do not write a series of statements. Ensure all your sentences link to one another and each paragraph links to the previous and the next.
  • Your conclusion must conclude your argument. That is you must state what your argument was and how you have proven it. DO NOT introduce new information into the conclusion.
  • APA referencing is preferred. No work should be submitted without an appropriate reference list and in-text referencing that correctly acknowledges the source of information and ideas used in the text of your assigned work.