Analyze The Carrying Amount Of Each Class Of Property Plant And Equipment At Reporti 3900821

Adelaide Brighton Limited Carry out a research on Adelaide Brighton Limited and write a total of 1000 words for its Assets (PPE and Intangibles) and Leases. Complete this task by Thursday 19th 12:00 noon Specific Assignment Instructions 1. Assets – PPE and Intangibles • Analyze the carrying amount of each class of Property, Plant, and Equipment, at reporting date, of your company. • Describe the accounting policies relating to Property, Plant, and Equipment adopted by your company. • Analyze the intangible assets reported by the company. Discuss their composition and relevance to the company’s business. • Describe the accounting policies relating to Intangible Assets adopted by your company. • Are any items of Property, Plant, and Equipment, and/or Intangible Assets of your company impaired? If so, identify which assets are impaired and analyze how the impairment was determined. 2. Leases • What are the values of the leased assets and liabilities? What information is disclosed in the notes to the accounts in relation to leased assets and lease liabilities?