Arts Rights 234628

The course that this assignment is for called: Arts & Rights.The assignment requires watching a movie called Paradise Now by Hany Abu-Assad and after watching the movie, the student is required to write a reflection of NOT more than 500-700 words.The link for the movie is:
This is the full link of the movie.The reflection includes: Asking yourself how has this text (movie), or this section of a text (movie), made me see somethingdifferently, or for the first time? What about the text (movie) has donethat? Why? Be specific, both in terms of the idea you arediscussing, and what in the text (movie) you are linking it to.

Yourpapers will be assessed on the clarity of your ideas and arguments.Please edit for grammar and spelling. The tutor is allowed to use first person in this reflection.

PLEASE READ the instructions carefully and call me for clarity: 647-456-4987