Assignment 2 Description Business Case Study Network Design Proposal For A Hitech 3215581

Assignment 2 Description Business case study: Network design proposal for a HiTech Telecommunications company Description HiTech Telecommunications1 is a reputed Telecommunications company that provides different types of Telecommunications services, including service onsite. The company has three (3) major branches in Australia in Canberra, Melbourne, and Brisbane with Headquarters (HQ) in Melbourne to capture large number of customers in the area. In addition to providing Telecommunications services in-store, they also have web-based ordering facility for national and international customers. The orders can be paid for online by using major credit cards. HiTech Telecommunications gets a significant portion of their orders through their on-line ordering facilities. Web-based orders (online) get stored in their central file server(s), which is located in Melbourne, but should be accessible from any branch using appropriate networking technologies. The reliability of their file and web servers is of high importance. HiTech Telecommunications also wants to make sure that the network downtime is very limited. Furthermore, the servers need to be protected from malicious computer attacks and unauthorized access. Facility to carry out audit checks needs to be provided as well to so as to keep track of the exact activity along with the date and time at which an employee of HiTech Telecommunications carried out a computer system based activity. The activity could include doing task(s) such as installation of new software, changes in Webpage etc. The web server is located in the Melbourne Headquarters (HQ) in the same location as the file server(s), to host a homepage for the business. This server also acts as a chat server for providing real-time chats by the customer service personnel with customers who wish to get some quick queries answered before they order online. Each branch also has 8 networked printers and a fax machine, as well as E-mail communication facility for staff use. Each of the branches of HiTech Telecommunications also provides WLAN based service for customers to access the Internet while visiting the store. A key issue is that the visitors should not have access to the resources of the staff on the company’s internal network. HiTech Telecommunications in each of their branches has