Attempts To Rationalize Government Decision Making Processes Have Often Failed Becau 2814513

A concern with public sector strategic planning is that assumptions like having clear goals doesn’t work well in the fragmented environments of government agencies. True False
Question 2
Some scholars assert that goal ambiguity in public agencies and their inability to establish measurable performance indicators leads to performance evaluations based more on adherence to procedures and compliance with rules. True False
Question 3
Researchers and consultants find that most managers are pretty savvy about understanding the real goals of their organization. True False
Question 4
The Government Performance Project was widely recognized for its innovative approach to developing direct measures of government performance. True False
Question 5
In the competing values approach, it was found that effectiveness profiles apparently shift as an organization moves through different stages in its life cycle. True False
Question 6
Scholars have observed that political alliances among people in agencies, interest groups, and legislators have strengthened the authority of higher-level executives. True False
Question 7
Attempts to rationalize government decision-making processes have often failed because public organizations involve more complexity, dynamism, intervention, and interruption than the private sector. True False