Based On The Following Mini Case 1 Identify Stakeholders 2 Identify Stakeholders Obj 2840369

Based on the following mini case:

  1. 1.Identify stakeholders;

  2. 2.Identify stakeholders objectives;

  3. 3.Propose system improvements based on stakeholders objectives;

  4. 4.Create an Use Case Diagram.

Mini case

The pizzeria “Mamma mia” works with no delivery of pizzas and the customer must come and get the pizza. It is a family business with currently 6 employees in addition to the 2 owners. The pizzeria would like to improve its organization and its main objective is to maximize its production and, therefore, the gross entrance and the net profit. It is also hoped to improve the current service of ordering and delivery of the pizzas.

The opening hours of the pizzeria to the public is from 18:00 to 22:00. Requests can be made by phone or in person at the pizzeria. Requests made by phone have more priority. The pizzas are set up in groups of at most nine pizzas and each batch needs 5 minutes for proper cooking of the pizzas. The process of preparation of the pizzas consists of six phases: (1) the customer makes the request; (2) the pizza (base, sauce, toppings) is prepared; (3) the pizza is baked; (4) if necessary, raw ingredients are placed after cooking; (5) the pizza is ready for delivery; (6) the pizza is delivered to the customer, who makes the payment.

The pizzeria is open from Tuesday to Sunday. During weekends and holidays, the workload is higher than on weekdays. The organization of work is done in the following way: the two owners work every day; of the other six staff members, five work only during the weekend, while the sixth helps the owner on weekdays and is available to the owners to help with the holidays and eventually replace some other employee who needed to be absent. There are three main roles in the management of the pizzeria: who prepares the pizza, who works in the kitchen preparing the ingredients and who manages the orders, deliveries and payments.