Business Analytics Perform A Literature Review On A Known Topic In Business Analytic 4118369

business analytics

Perform a literature review on a known topic in business analytics. It can be any topic on tools, methodologies or applications.

Some examples:

1. Use of predictive analysis in healthcare industry

2. Comparison of BI tools

3. Techniques of predictive analysis

4. Methods of representing multi-dimensional data in visualisations

5. Analytics techniques to improve logistics management

6. Security of data and privacy concerns in analytics

Please note that this is an individual project and discuss with your lecturer before week 7 to decide on a topic. The topic needs to be chosen before week 7.

Based on your review you need to submit a report in IEEE format using either overleaf latex or word.

Submit a pdffilefrom your overleaf latex file or word document. Please do not submit .doc file or .tex file.

Minimum words: 1500, Minimum no of figures: 3