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Communicating to establish credibility

One of the foundational purposes of management communication is to establish credibility as a communicator including both written communication and oral presentations.

Factors that help to build the credibility of a manager as a communicator include:

1. expertise and competence

2. personal ethics and integrity (trustworthiness)

3. control of emotions

4. development and maintenance of a professional image.

Choose ONE factor and demonstrate how it is essential to credibility as a communicator and extends to good communication skills in the professional workplace.

Please follow these guidelines to complete the assessment:

1. Engage in research to find three sources related to your ONE nominated credibility factor.

Please note:

i. A reading list will be provided to help start your search for sources. Think of checking out the following sources for your assignment: books, chapters in books, journal articles, Internet Websites.

ii. Your sources must be credible, reliable, relevant and current.

2. After carefully reading the three sources, identify threekey points relating to how the one credibility factor you have chosen is essential to good communication skills in the workplace.

These three points will form the structure for the body of your work. Each point requires a heading which should be clearly, logically and accurately labelled since headings reveal the organisation of the paper and permit quick reference to specific information. They also make the paper easy to read.

3. The balance between your thoughts and words expressed in your voice and those of other authors is important. Support for each point you make must come from ONE of your THREE sources to support your claims, arguments and ideas. You are expected to incorporate other writers’ work into your own writing using at least one example each of:

i. direct quotation (please note: no long quotes of more than 30 words)

ii. paraphrase

iii. summary.

4. You are required to use the Harvard style to document your sources. For further information please see:

5. Write the Executive Summary using the memo format in a plain serif font (e.g. Times New Roman). Suggested font sizes are 12 for the text and 14 for the headings. Double or 1.5 space. Put page numbers in line with the right margin at the bottom of each page.

6. Refer to the Assessment 1 Marking Criteria Guide and Marking Rubric located on the Blackboard under Assessment Tasks and Submissions.

7. Submit Assessment 1 to Turnitin via the Blackboard site no later than the due date: Monday 8th August 11PM.

PRIOS Assessment 1:

a. Purpose: To demonstrate how to build credibility as a communicator in the professional workplace.

b. Reader: Your boss.

c. Information: Three (3) sources.

d. Organisation: Direct order format.

e. Style: Formal.

f. Channel choice: Written document.

g. Document design: Executive Summary using the memo format.

h. Length: 500 words +/- 10%.

I. 2 more articles