Claude Shannon Presented The Encryption Design Principles Of 3238281

1) Claude Shannon presented the encryption design principles of _________________.
a) multiplication and factoring
b) exponentiation and Logarithms
c) confusion and diffusion
d) perplexion and reflection
Reason: how and why those principles guide the encryption?
2) A good hash function creates _________ mapping between the source string and the output string.
a) complex
b) as many as needed
c) divisional
d) one to one
Reason why is it considered good?
3) To create a digital signature, a sender needs the plain text, the asymmetrical encryption algorithm, and ___________.
a) his/her public key
b) the receiver’s public key
c) his/her private key
d) the receiver’s private key
Reason How is it used?
4) A number is relatively prime to another if they _____________.
a) have only each other as factors
b) have no prime factors in common
c) only have one prime factor in common
d) are both divisible by 7
5) Repudiation means
a) Faking one’s identity
b) Uproot
c) Deny ownership
d) Plant clues in the text