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COIT11222: Java Console Program- Programming Fundamentals Assignment Help


This assessment item relates to the course learning outcomes as in the Course Profile.

For this assignment, you are required to develop a Java Console Programs to demonstrate you can use Java constructs including input/output via a command line and using GUI dialogs, Java primitive and built-in data types, Java defined objects, selection and looping statements, methods, and various other Java commands. Your program must produce the correct results.

You are only allowed to use techniques which have been covered in the first five weeks of the subject and within the assignment literature, you must use a Scanner object for console input and no advanced data structures like arrays will be used What to submit for this assignment

The Java source code:
You will be able to complete the assignment in weekly parts in which you will produce four java source files. (More details below),,, and
Once you have completed all of the programs and you are ready to submit, compress all source files into a single zip file for submission, do not include your report in the zip file. Only submit a zip not a rar file o

Also submit a report including, how long it took to create (approximately), any problems encountered and screen shots of the output produced. (Use Alt-PrtScrn to capture just the console window or your dialogs and you can paste it into your Word document) You should test every possibility in the program and annotate your test shots.
o ReportAss1.docx

You will submit your files by the due date using the “Assignment 1” link on the Moodle course website in the Assessment Block or in the relevant week.

Assignment specification
This assignment will require you to write four small Java programs, do not panic! They will be small programs which will cover the first five weekly topics. Usually students were required to write one largish program to demonstrate the topics for the first five weeks. Students may get themselves into trouble when the first assignment is due as they have not practiced the basics skills necessary to complete the assignment. With the assignment divided into four programs you can complete each exercise as we cover the weekly topics, do not let yourself fall behind. More importantly, this is a progressive way to complete the assignment. Each small program is built on its previous one (you can re-use the previous small program code), except the first one –, which is very simple. See Note 1 of Appendix.

For this assignment you will not worry about checking numeric ranges or data types. Refer to a Java reference textbook and the course and lecture material (available on the course WEB site) for further information about the Java programming topics required to complete this assignment. Check the marking guide (last page) to ensure you have completed every task. You need to match all output exactly as the sample screenshots shown below.

Distance and Rockhampton students can email questions directly to me, other metro campus students should seek help from your local tutor, you can still contact me if it is urgent, I usually respond to emails very promptly.