Consider Two Sided One To One Matching Between Three Women Xena Yasmeen And Zelda An 3401233

Consider two-sided, one-to-one matching between three women (Xena, Yasmeen, and Zelda) and three men (Arnie, Barney, and Calvin). Their ranking are as follows: Arnie: Xena, Yasmeen, Zelda, Arnie Barney: Yasmeen, Zelda, Barney, Xena Calvin: Xena, Zelda, Calvin, Yasmeen Xena: Arnie, Barney, Calvin, Xena Yasmeen: Barney, Calvin, Arnie, Yasmeen Zelda: Barney, Arnie, Zelda, Calvin Which of the following matchings is efficient? Arnie:Xena, Barney:Barney, Calvin:Zelda, Yasmeen:Yasmeen Arnie:Arnie, Barney:Barney, Calvin:Zelda, Xena:Xena, Yasmeen:Yasmeen Arnie:Yasmeen, Barney:Xena, Calvin:Zelda Arnie:Yasmeen, Barney:Xena, Calvin:Calvin, Zelda:Zelda Arnie:Xena, Barney:Yasmeen, Calvin:Zelda