Continuing Problem 5 Create A Two Way Data Table For Expected Profit With Order Quan 1666960

Continuing Problem 5, create a two-way data table for expected profit with order quantity along the side and unit expediting cost along the top. Allow the order quantity to vary from 500 to 4500 in increments of 500, and allow the unit expediting cost to vary from $36 to $45 in increments of $1. Each column of this table will allow you to choose an optimal order quantity for a given unit expediting cost. How does this best order quantity change as the unit expediting cost increases? Write up your results in a concise memo to management.

Problem 5

In some ordering problems, like the one for Sam’s Bookstore, whenever demand exceeds existing inventory, the excess demand is not lost but is filled by expedited orders—at a premium cost to the company. Change Sam’s model to reflect this behavior. Assume that the unit cost of expediting is $40, well above the highest regular unit cost.