Create A 6 Page Essay Paper That Discusses Researched Essay Assignment Through H

Create a 6 page essay paper that discusses Researched Essay Assignment.

Through his wide knowledge and royal connections, he was able to design clothes for popular individuals, which made his designed become increasing famous and create a class in his works (Carroll 150).

During this period, the dresses, which were worn by individuals, and the materials utilised in making the accessories which they wore, defined a social class which an individual belonged to. The queen of France developed elaborate gowns that she used to create her persona during the 19th century. The aspects of creating a persona through dressing and accessories resulted in individuals wishing to connect to the queen by adopting similar dressing codes. These gowns became the cultural norm for the women of higher social class in France during the early 19th century. Through the fashion, the queen was able to articulate herself and set precedence for other monarchs, which were relatively common during that period. It became increasingly popular for monarchs to have an official dress code, which mainly resulted from common fashions.

Paris has been highly associated with fashion because of the early development in fashion within the city. Fashion magazines from different countries commonly sent editors to fashion shows in Paris and the fashion stores in order to gather materials, for writing about fashion. Many people commonly seem to copy the well, developed designs that have been established and Paris offered exquisite designs of many products ranging from clothing, shoes and even ornaments. The spread of French fashion was enhanced through these magazines, which individuals in other parts of the world relied on to make decisions regarding fashion products. As the popularity of fashion magazines increased, many of them began including photographs which became influential on the future designs adopted in different regions of the world. The magazines were greatly sought after and had a noteworthy consequence on