Describe A Clinical Scenario Of A Patient Episode Of Care Which Involves Sending Or 2868287

Advanced Healthcare Data Environments: Literature Review- Research Report Writing Assignment


1. Describe a clinical scenario of a patient episode of care, which involves sending (or receiving) of several (at least two) different types of HL7 messages. The types of messages and the purpose (within the clinical episode of care) for which they need to be sent should be specified.

2. Draw a diagram showing the clinical process elements (i.e. nodes where some processing or handling of messages will be done) and the arcs between elements showing which messages are sent (i.e. labels describing the message type). Indicate which of the two messages you will be describing in more detail.

3. Write down a description of the factual information to be contained in each of the two chosen messages (in English). This should be a list of the message structure and message content fields and their values, which will make up the entire message (e.g. Patient Name = Anthony Maeder).

4. Attempt to represent the two messages in HL7v2-like syntax (a very rough approximation to the standard is good enough). You should apply the principles of message structure that have been described in the lecture for HL7v2 messages. Each message should contain several lines (segments).

Literature Review:

Master students, who are taking the Advanced Healthcare Data Environments unit, should also:
1. Search for a research paper related to the same topic, published in a scientific journal, conference proceedings or book chapter (note that it must be a formal scientific publication, so not a website or a blog or some popular-scientific article).
2. Give a one page summary of this paper, including your own critique and reflections.
3. Make sure you include a proper reference to the paper.