Describe And Discuss The Elements Of Effective Programming Style Ulo 4 Demonstrate A 3835332

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Unit Learning Outcome ULO 3: Describe and discuss the elements of effective programming style ULO 4: Demonstrate an understanding of the software development life cycle and apply sound programming analysis techniques (design. coding. debugging. testing and documentation) to justify simple programming problems
Graduate Attributes Assessed GA 1: Communication GA 2: Collaboration GA 4: Critical Thinking
Week 8 20 September 2019 via Moodie Tumitin 5:00pm (AEST)
In this project, you wit work individually to write programs which demonstrate your understanding of Decision and Repetition Structures. Boolean Logic in Python programs.
Content and Structure: You will have to write a program that: 1. Uses files — open, readAvrite, delete to handle data 2. Uses exception handing — try and except to catch and handle exceptions. Value, data Type. Zero Division. Syntax Error. Runtime Exception and others 3. Students will be required to discuss with their lecturer about the program they wish to develop. 4. This assignment will allow students to create a program which could further evolve in to their major assignment.
Program expectation: • The student must be able to explain the working of the program and its logic. • Program should be indented. proper comments should be given. modification history should be present, variable names and data types should be chosen appropriately. • The program should compie and execute to display the result. • The student must use programming constructs available in Python and follow coding standards.