Describe The Selected Case Study Clearly 4 2 Allocate The Relevant Technical Field T 4151372

You need to research information related to the selected topic. The research material can be publications, news articles, research papers, books, etc. For the selected case study discuss the following:
1. Describe the selected case study clearly. (4) 2. Allocate the relevant technical field to the selected case study and discuss in brief the ethics and code of conducts related to this field. Are these ethics and code of conducts considered in the selected case study? (4) 3. Discuss in your views what went wrong in the case study which resulted in the accident/incident. (3) 4. Was any investigation conducted for this accident? What are the recommendations of this investigation? (2) 5. Give your analysis of the resulting outcome and relate them to the relevant industry sector’s ethics and professional code of conduct. (5) 6. Conclude your report with your recommendations. (1)
Note: Do not include any picture or images in the report.