Determine And Ensure The Integrity Confidentiality Security And Availability Of Info 2942404

Your research should report the following:
• outline the Australian Computer Society Code of Ethics
• identify and explain federal and state or territory legislation and policy relevant to an ICT environment relating to:
access and equity
copyright and intellectual property
workplace health and safety (WHS)
• How the team members are aware of Australian copyright and intellectual property law
• How Australian copyright law affects its work
• describe the processes and procedures by which an organisation communicates its policies and procedures
• Outline organisational requirements for customer service- Service Level agreement to maintain computers in a company(hardware support).
• Summarise typical ICT system security systems and procedures.
?Task 2
Write a report and identifying the issues relating to Service level agreement (for the computers) for our college on :
The report should include how you will:
1. Manage adherence to copyright regulations
1.1 Review current Australian copyright law, and in particular its relationship to information and communications technology (ICT)
1.2 How you will ensure that team members are aware of Australian copyright law and how it affects their work
1.3 How you will Institute measures to ensure that copyright is not breached
1.4 How you will Institute regular reviews to ensure organisational copyright requirements are up to date and team members are adhering to these requirements
1.5 How you will distribute updated versions if required
2. Manage ethical behaviour (in service level agreement)
2.1 Review appropriate code of ethics, both organisational and ICT specific
2.2 Acquaint team members with ethical requirements
2.3 Institute regular reviews of team members’ ethical work practices and feedback to ensure correct application of the code
2.4 Ensure that stakeholders are aware of ethics code, and adjust appropriately following stakeholder feedback
2.5 Institute regular reviews of stakeholder understanding and application of code of ethics
2.6 Establish a review and grievance procedure to enable confidential reporting of ethical issues
2.7 Institute regular reviews of code of ethics, updating and distributing as required
3. Manage privacy
3.1 Institute a regular review of the relevance of legislation and standards to organisational outcomes, the organisation’s privacy policy and procedures, and the work practices of team members with regard to these requirements
3.2 Determine and ensure the integrity, confidentiality, security and availability of information as required by the organisational policy
3.3 Ensure continued confidentiality and proprietary rights of stakeholders’ interests
3.4 Contribute to the creation or updating of the organisation’s privacy policy and procedures to align with privacy legislation
3.5 Distribute new or revised policy and procedures to stakeholders
3.6 Implement new work procedures and collect feedback from stakeholders