Determine The Project Scope And Develop Appropriate Initiation And Scope Documents F 3878446

Task 1: Define Project and Develop Plan
Performance objective
Students will demonstrate knowledge and skills required to define projects and develop project plans.
Assessment description
Using the workplace scenario information provided, you will determine the scope of a project and develop a
project plan. You will then negotiate aspects of the project with your project team members. Finally, you will
need to submit the final document for approval. This is group assignment and you are required to form groups
of THREE (3) to FOUR (4) students.
You need to develop the Initial Project Plan which should include the following:
1 Review the simulated business documentation, including policies and procedures and the Project planning
templates in the Appendix to Task 1 for possible use or adaptation in completing projectrequirements.
1. Review the scenario information provided in Appendix 1.
2. Determine the project scope and develop appropriate initiation and scope documents for
discussion with the General Manager (the lecturer).
3. Determine additional documentation required to determine project and develop deliverables.
4. Define project stakeholders. Determine how you will engage and manage stakeholders to achieve project
objectives. Develop communication and stakeholder management plans for discussion.