Develop An Opportunity Assessment Framework That Can Be Used To Validate A Venture I 3072165

Based on desk research and possible interviews with knowledgeable people, develop an Opportunity Assessment Framework that can be used to validate a venture idea/concept suitable for a specific end user. This may be developed specifically for a technology or industry sector, a venture capitalist, an angel investor, a social venture funder or a tool developed for your own purposes. In any case, this assignment requires you to research and identify at least three alternate methodologies suitable for your purpose of assessing new venture ideas and concepts. An example of one such methodology is the Timmons Quickscreen. From your analysis of the alternate methodologies, draw together, justify and demonstrate how and why the various assessment framework methodologies differ and identify the aspects that are most useful for your purpose. Conclude your assignment by recommending and proposing a methodology for assessing ideas and new venture opportunities fit for your designated purpose.
This assignment will assess your understanding of the course objectives 1, 3 and 4.
Length and Presentation:
Reports are to be posted to the MyUni grade centre.
The body of the report should not exceed 3,000 words; however, appendices may be used for supporting documents or demonstration of analysis to the extent that is appropriate. The report should be submitted as an electronic version in WORD or Adobe Portable Document Files (pdf).
Criteria by which your assignment will be marked:
The standards by which the assignment will be assessed include:

  • Ability to find, access and interpret available literature
  • Ability to recognise important aspects of concept validation
  • Ability to present principles in an originality, succinct and useable format
  • Professional presentation (including correct citations and references, spelling, grammar etc)
  • Completeness and coverage of the Opportunity Assessment Framework

Learning objectives with this assessment: 1, 3, 4