Developing Deployment Proposal Many Organizations Use Graphical Representation F

Developing Deployment Proposal

Many organizations use graphical representation for discussing important proposals. The presentation

of your recommendation about investing in an appropriate IT solution to the stakeholders is equally important to the recommendation generating process. A very good investment recommendation may not receive stakeholder’s support and subsequent approval for resources to implement it if it is not communicated effectively. Therefore, you should be conversant in presenting your recommendation to the stakeholders in a convincing manner.

Consider that you are communicating to the CIO-level audience; your presentation should be technical and provide a business case for your proposed project to address the gap you identified in the identity and access management area, but it should also be to the point.

For the Project in this Week, use the results of your previous identity and access management tool evaluation and present those results to the management of your chosen organization. Do a PowerPoint presentation (12-15 slides), summarizing the results of your evaluation.