Discuss How Accounting Beta Is Likely To Be Impacted By High Leverage And High F

1. Discuss how accounting beta is likely to be impacted by high leverage and high fixed costs.

2. Explain the issues involved in determining the most appropriate discount rate to use in an SME’s DCF calculation

3. Explain how corporate governance is important to SMEs thinking of an IP0.

4. What are the sources of agency problems in SMEs?

5. What does concentrated ownership mean in SMEs?

6. How does PP Agency cost apply to SMEs?

7.What are the main sources of finance that SMEs in New Zealand can access?

8.Why would an SME choose to approach a nonbank for a loan?

9. Explain whether there is a clear relationship between SME’s risk and interest rate charged by a bank.

10. According to the stewardship theory, what is the relationship between family members and firm performance?